Boudoir by Korin - Brand Ambassador Team

Hey applicants! This application will help me get to know you and find out if you are a good fit for the Boudoir by Korin Brand Ambassador Team. The Brand Ambassador Team is a small group of ladies represent Boudoir by Korin and its message. Members will help with social media, bringing in new clients, help lead and facilitate events, and get lots of awesome perks for being an amazing involved member.

Members must be highly active on social media (ESPECIALLY Facebook and Instagram), willing to actively spread the word about Boudoir by Korin and my mission of body positivity and self love, attend all group events, and be available for team meetings and get togethers.

Those who are picked will get all the juicy details and I cannot wait to get to know my kick ass team!

The team will be made up of exclusively members of the VIP community, meaning it will be female identifying individuals only and filled with gorgeous babes! Those who are chosen will be paid in studio credit according to their activity and fulfilled responsibilities for this position. This can be used towards sessions and product. Each chosen member will have a free shoot with me in order to have images to be able to represent the brand publicly. No monetary compensation is included with this position.

Please fill out the form below and follow all steps to apply

Name (please include facebook name if different) *
Name (please include facebook name if different)
How often do you post on facebook? *
Do you currently admin/moderate any Facebook groups or have you in the past? *
How often do you post on Instagram? *
If chosen, can you commit to the entire year of 2019? *
If chosen, do you agree to pay the $100 retainer to hold your spot for your Brand Ambassador session? (You will receive this back as a print credit upon your completed session) *
If selected your images will be used for all promotional purposes on all of Boudoir by Korin's social medias, websites, and other public platforms as you will be a representative of my brand, is this something you agree to? *
Have you done a boudoir session with me or someone else? (Use other if your shoot was with someone else to let me know) *
Interviews will be part of the process, if chosen, you will have 14 days to schedule an interview with me. Can you attend an in person interview or a video interview? *
This part lets me get to know you a little bit. The answers are just meant to tell me about you so there is no wrong answer.
Starbucks or Dunkin? *
Which is your favorite? *
Would you say you are outgoing? *
Would you say you are outgoing?
Please email a video of no more than 5 minutes telling me why you want to be a brand ambassador member. Please include why you want to join the team, what you can offer, why you think you'd be a great candidate and anything else you think I should know for your application that wasn't included in the questionnaire. The video needs to be sent to with the subject "Brand Ambassador Applicant -YOUR NAME-". Please note applicants without videos will not be excepted *